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The Zion Churchyard was established in 1996 by action of the Vestry to provide on the church grounds a beautiful and dignified place for the burial of the ashes of members of the parish and their loved ones. The Vestry specified that the Churchyard be created from gifts to the parish and not from the endowment or operating funds, and that there be only nominal cost to parishioners for burial. The parish is grateful for all gifts to help in the establishment and maintenance of the Churchyard.

The Churchyard is now located in the lawn area north of the church, behind the altar. The first interment was on November 10, 1996.

In the summer of 1997 a handsome Celtic cross of Barre granite was placed between the burial area and the north wall of the church. In the fall of 1997 a graceful, specially designed wrought-iron fence was built around the perimeter of the Churchyard.

In 1998 a beautiful oak memorial plaque was placed on the wall behind the baptismal font. On the plaque, to preserve their memory for future generations, are the names and the years of birth and death of those whose ashes rest in the Churchyard.

In 2008, the Churchyard Committee voted to have brass name plaques placed over the original wood ones. This decision was made because the original company who hand carved the memorial plaque and the name plaques were no longer able to assist us. After a few years of trying different company's to try to match the engraving, and being unsuccesful, it was decided to use brass so it would have consistent etching. It also made the names much easier to read.

Also in 1998 the Churchyard Committee adopted a landscaping plan to insure that the appearance of the Churchyard will not be haphazard and that it will be both beautiful and consistent with our historic church building.

Arrangements to have ashes interred in the Churchyard are made by calling the parish office and selecting a burial location on a chart that is kept there. As with any burial plans, instructions should be added to wills, and relatives should be notified. The parish requests but does not require a gift of $400 to cover the cost of carving the nameplate and to contribute to maintenance.

On September 9, 1998 the Zion Churchyard was consecrated by Bishop David B. Joslin, Bishop of Central New York. (Click here for pictures)



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